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Centre VR and The Lockey Escape Rooms

Are a unique type of entertainment for all the family, immersing you in a whole new experience. Instead of being an observer of the game, you are actually part of the story. It challenges you to make fast decisions, and pay attention to small details.

You need to solve a set of puzzles to unravel the mysteries. It will hold you captive unless you work as a team to earn your freedom. Look and Book

Group Adventures & Escape Rooms

Our amazing range of group adventures transport 2-6 players into a story, a scenario, a predicament, or a perilous situation. Its up to your team to work together to achieve the goal of the adventure you choose.

We like to describe them as being the closest thing you can get to actually being in a movie with your friends. The fantastic visual landscapes, unlimited range of locations and sets, and highly detailed environments and scenarios in the virtual environments ensure you will feel totally immersed.

Centre VR boast the UK’s largest and most diverse range of VR adventures and real escape rooms with the introduction of The Lockey Escape Rooms, offering 3 real world themes of Ace Ventura, Hannibal and Spy Case 47.

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